iPhone 8

iPhone 8 – Is the new Smartphone released by Apple & it is also referred to as the iPhone X & iPhone Edition. The iPhone 8 has a radical design & has a new screen, plus, bigger storage & memory. Checkout the new iPhone 8 specifications & iPhone release here.

The iPhone 8 is the spectacular sequel to the iPhone 7 and appears simultaneously with the iPhone 7S. With this website you are optimizing yourself for the release on September 12th. Price information, new features and design; this is the only iPhone 8 website you need.

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iIPhone 8 - September 12 is coming closer and the official release of the iPhone 8. Although Apple CEO Tim Cook has not presented the device yet, thanks to leaked info, photos and rumours, we get a full picture of the new iPhone. On this page you will read everything about the expected price and how Apple puts the biggest step ever made on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.


iPhone 8


What to expect from the iPhone 8


The rumour flow around the iPhone 8 came noticeably early on. Even before the iPhone 7 was unveiled, the first stories about the 8 opened up. An analyst soon predicted that Apple would first hit the S Series and after 2016, iPhone 7 would immediately release the new iPhone by 2017.


This has two reasons. First of all, Apple did not get a sales record for the first time in 2016. iPhones in the S Series are often less popular because they look different and make less prominent improvements. Maybe it's smarter for Apple to get through the iPhone 8//iPhone X right away. However, in addition to the (extra pricey) iPhone 8, an iPhone 7S would appear a better option. This is cheaper, but also seems more on the iPhone last year.

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On the other hand, Apple seems to have a great list of major changes in the iPhone 8 2017 model. After the relatively little innovative iPhone 7, Apple will take major steps this year. For example, a completely new enclosure, and Apple wants to first equip the iPhone 8 with an O led display.

Also, other rumours about the iPhone x or iphone 8, talk about wireless charging, the disappearance of the home button and face recognition.


The latest iPhone 8 price rumours


According to the latest rumours, the iPhone 8 or iPhone X price would start from a thousand dollars. You get the 64GB model at home, which means you pay more for the 256GB and 528GB model. About the euro nothing is known yet, but to give you an estimate, we set the starting price of a thousand dollars next to the iPhone prices last year. Then we determined the European prices on the basis of that. If the iPhone costs 8 thousand dollars, this is expected to be Euro prices:


iPhone 8 64GB: 999 dollars → 1139 Euros

iPhone 8 256GB: $ 1099 → 1249 Euros

iPhone 8 512GB: $ 1199 → 1359 Euros

                             What you need to know if you are going to buy an iPhone 8

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Do you already know that you're going to get an iPhone 8? Then there are a few things you can prepare yourself for. On our special iPhone 8 purchase page, you'll find practical tips on buying an iPhone 8 with subscription, or purchasing a loose iPhone 8. Because Apple did not officially reveal the phone at the time of writing, it is questionable whether the Netherlands is in the first group of countries. If this is not the case, you are likely to buy the iPhone 8 in Germany.


iPhone 8 home button disappears


We must also take into account serious shortcomings according to earlier rumours. Due to the amount of new technologies, production would be relatively slow, which would lead to limited inventory until the beginning of 2018. We will keep you posted on all iPhone 8 or iPhone X pre-order info. That way, you're sure to be in the queue to get a copy.

Is the iPhone 8 too expensive? This is the iPhone 7S


With an entry price of around a thousand Euros, the iPhone 8 is the most expensive iPhone Apple will ever bring. We can therefore imagine that this is too expensive for some people. Also, the company from Cupertino seems to see this and, on September 12, it presents the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus with iPhone 8. Although these two do not get the same new design, it seems to be worthwhile upgrades.


Thus, both devices can be charged wirelessly and both the 7S and 7S Plus are equipped with the new A11 chip and 3GB of working memory. This makes them a lot faster and more reliable than last year's iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Because the S versions look comparable to their predecessors, you can assume a similar price.


When is the iPhone 8 release?


The big question is when Apple presents the new iPhone X and when we can buy one. The rumours about the iPhone 8 release follow up at a rapid pace, and some things are happening. For example, Apple would unveil the device with the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus in September, like the Cupertino company that has been doing for years. Then the three new devices will be in stores a week later. However, please note that there are serious deficiencies, as the amount of new features and techniques has reportedly caused production problems.


Apple would release the iPhone 8 in three colours this year: silver, black and the new blush gold. This colour (as you can see in the picture below) appears to be a blend between gold and rose gold.


                                                   iPhone 8: The innovations in a row

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Although the iPhone 8/iPhone X has not yet been officially revealed, we can figure out all the rumours of rumours (and Apple's own leaked info) about the innovations that the new iphone 8 introduces. We are still fighting for the poor, but in the list below we have put together the most persistent and credible features. Is it enough for you to order the new iPhone 8 on day one?


                                                                 iPhone 8 Blush Gold



                                                     Refreshed screen with O led panel

Apple has joined hands with Samsung to make the iPhone 8 O led screens. This new screening technology is the logical successor to the LCD displays that Apple now uses for the iPhone. Ogled is more energy efficient, more flexible and shows more beautiful black tones.


The company is also in touch with Chinese BOE Technology to produce additional O led screens. Due to the amount and reliability of the rumours, it is likely that the iPhone 8 will get such a screen. Below we have listed the reasons why that is good news.


Completely new design

We had already hoped for the iPhone 7, but this year Apple will finally give the iPhone 8/iphone X a new design. That also has a practical reason. By giving the iPhone 8 a glass back, the device can charge wirelessly. In addition, the O led screen already creates a new face. The front edge of the iPhone edition can therefore be completely out of a screen, thus eliminating the sharp screen edges at the top and bottom. This also means that the classic home button disappears.

iphone 8 prototypes Wireless charging


iPhone 8 - A feature that iPhone users have been asking for years is charging wirelessly. Charging your phone without cable sounds futuristic, but is something Android devices have been able to do for years. So the big question is how Apple wants to make this feature feel like new.

                Image result for IPHONE 8 blush gold


One of the possibilities is that Apple is committed to making wireless charging longer. This would allow you to be able to power the iPhone 8 device in theory when you enter the living room. Additionally, wireless charging is useful because you do not need the Lightning port to charge the battery again. This allows you to listen to calls and listen to music simultaneously.


Face recognition


Due to losing the home button on the new iPhone X, Apple had to find a way to process the Touch ID sensor elsewhere. Initially, the intention was to stop the fingerprint sensor under the display, but this would not have been successful. Instead, the company makes a drastic decision: On the new iPhone 8/iPhone X, Touch ID disappears and allows for face recognition.

                                                             iPhone 8 charging speed


iPhone X - Through the firmware of the HomePod speaker we have already come to know something about this. For example, the iPhone 8 can recognize a face and unlock it or open an app based on it. The dual camera lens allows a 3D scan of a face to be made, which benefits safety. 

                                                     Image result for IPHONE 8 blush gold

Also, the lens of the iPhone 8/iPhone X would have a large angle, allowing a face to be scanned if the iPhone 8 is still on the table. We spoke with a face recognition expert to discover how this technique works and what the pros and cons are.


                                               New possibilities with augmented reality


Apple's new augmented reality platform ARKit is already a big success in the run-up to iOS 11. With the technology, the iPhone 8 camera works with the software so that digital objects can be displayed in the real world. This also works on older iPhones, but because the iPhone 8/iPhone X gets specially enhanced camera lenses, this would be the ultimate way to use all ARKit apps. For example, the iPhone 8/iPhone X camera lens is turned a quarterback on the backside and there is a dual camera on the front.

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